Metres from paradise

Sun 14th August 2011

Look how close to relative paradise the S21 prisoners were; Palm trees only metres away. Yet they were stuck in hell behind barb-wire fencing. The barb wire was there to stop them jumping from the building and killing themselves.


Matt says...

Cambodia is 95% Buddhist. Buddhists believe they are reincarnated after death, this is veto’d if they commit suicude. They won’t be reincarnated since they didn’t “take care” of their previous life. It shows how bad the conditions must have been in S21 that they would prefer to end their own life (and all future lives) to escape.


Claire says...

This may have been a view familiar with some of the prisoners. Maybe it was toture staring at the blue sky when all they wanted to be was free; the barb wire a harsh reminder of what they faced everyday.

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