Pink taxis? Only in Bangkok!

Sun 7th August 2011

Today we were treated to a truly authentic Bangkok experience. A ride from the airport in a pink taxi. After the long flight it was great fun to see how the locals do it, spoilers and all.


Matt says...

Hooray! Finally made it. With the long flight over time for a relaxing journey into Bangkok. Or maybe not; what with no seatbelts in the back seats, taxi man on his mobile and no holds barred driving, it as a bit of an eye opener!

Mr taxi man was nice though. Look at the smile on his face. Must be because he drives a metallic pink coloured taxi!


Claire says...

Wow, that was a long old flight. And after being squashed for nearly 11 hours, it made the ride in a fluorescent pink taxi all the more enjoyable. In Bangkok, apparently they don’t wear seatbelts and our driver even posed for us before he sped off into the mad evening traffic.

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