Say hello to my little friend

Tue 9th August 2011

One of the monks beckoned us closer to give Matt this mini Buddha. We weren’t sure what it meant at first, until the other monk revealed it signified that we were now allowed to give him some coins (if we so wished).


Matt says...


Claire says...

We scrambled in our purse for some coins and handed over a few, much to their delight (must have been more than they were expecting). I love how random this encounter was and now we have a little charm to remember it by.

  1. Sam

    • Aug 09, 2011

    Loving all the photos guys! Everything looks amazing! Hope you have a good first day starting your tour tomorrow! I’ll be checking the blog everyday for any new updates. Remember to take a pic of the blog buddy!
    Lots of love
    Sam xxx

  2. Matt

    • Aug 11, 2011

    Hey Sam,
    Yes we will try and update the blog later. Got loads more pics. Just got to Cambodia. Very hot! Have the blog buddy in my camera case (what did we decide for the name?) so will take a picture!

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