Snakes on a boat

Fri 12th August 2011

Next up was a tour on the freshwater lake just outside Seim Reap. The view was stunning as we sped across the lake,passing colourful shacks and schools. The sun was also casting a very pretty reflection across the water.


Matt says...

What a great way to make money as a child, who needs a paper round when you have a pet snake. This picture is one of the older children we saw handeling snakes; there were some 3 – 4 year olds too. The kids were even hitting each other with it, poor snake.


Claire says...

Boats would glide up along side us and the kids inside would show us a snake, begging for money. Sometimes they would hang off the side, desperate for dollars to give to their family.  Not a pleasant sight, but they weren’t doing any harm, just trying to make a living.

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