Torrential rain

Tue 1st November 2011

Tonight’s thunderstorm was one of the most impressive we’ve seen. Suddenly the sky was ash grey and pouring with heavy rain, followed by the largest bolt of lightning we have ever seen.


Matt says...

I’ve honestly never been so close to a lightning strike in my life. Looking out of our hostel room window (with the windows open) a bolt hit about 150 – 200 meters away! The sound was instantaneous and very loud! After it struck I could still see the imprint of the bolt on my retinas. Incredible!

After that we swiftly decided to move downstairs into the common room as we were on the top floor directly below a metal roof. Not the best place to be in a thunderstorm!


Claire says...

From clear blue skies to a sky flashing with lightening blots. The weather here still continues to amaze me!

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