View from the lobby

Thu 29th September 2011

This is the view from our hostel lobby, looking across Long Beach Bay.  The beach is completely surrounded by jungle, so you can see how remote we are!


Matt says...

The stunning view from our hostel lobby. Not bad huh!


Claire says...

There are a few cafes and diving shacks along the beach front, but nothing too hectic. The pace of life here is very chilled.

  1. Mark Rochefort

    • Oct 01, 2011

    Glad to see you guys made it to the Perhentian Islands! It only seems like last week that I was rambling on about them with you outside the Old Coffee House. I hope they live up to everything I’ve heard :)

  2. Mark Rochefort

    • Oct 01, 2011

    ps – just a teeny bit jealous ;)

  3. Matt

    • Oct 01, 2011

    Hey Mark,
    Yes we made it! They are amazing. No ATMs on the island, it’s very remote indeed :) It’s soooo hot though! 85%+ humidity is just crazy… I’m melting!

    Hope all is well with the family in Lewes. Say a big hello from us both.
    Speak soon!

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